Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nothing New

ROFL- Yup I'm posting to say that I don't have anything new to post. For some reason I haven't been creating anything (but a mess....). And down to my very soul I know that I need to create something- anything and soon. So- haven't fallen off the face of the earth yet- just haven't had any creative time so I have nothing to share. Let's hope that changes very soon- for sake of my own sanity

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patrick's Day

I've always loved this fun filled holiday! Enjoy yours. ;-)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Lucky Charms

No I haven't fallen off the earth or been abducted by aliens or anything exciting like that. Just keeping myself busy. Thought I should post a pic of the charms I made for the latest charm swap I've signed up for & yes- I'm thinking maybe one more after this one ;-)

Find a penny pick it up- all day long you'll have good luck!
Give the penny to someone new & they will have good luck too!

It's against the law to alter lets just call them copper coins ;-) I hammered them, then cleaned them up with 0000 steel wool. Then I outlined the rim with a sharpie & wrote something on each one. Etched them with PCB*** etchant then buffed them again. I made spirals with 20g copper wire & S links and jump rings with 18g wire & hammered them. I connected a charm to an S link & added either a spiral or a tusk with some seed beads then closed the link.

They're all packaged up & awaiting a few more swappers before this swap is swapped out & returned to their happy new homes.

I did get my dapping block, but haven't had much time to play yet. I think we're all settled into our new routine now so if I can stay awake at night I'll get some stuff done. Of course night time isn't the best time to dap.....that'll have to be done during the day. Loads of ideas into my journal so all I need now is time.

***PCB Etchant is the etching solution for copper (Ferric Chloride) - available at Radio Shack.