Thursday, June 26, 2008

BookArtz Charm Swap

I almost forgot to post the pic of these charms. We're doing a charm swap and here is a few of my offerings. I'm looking forward to adding some of the charms from this swap to my bracelet that I always know the jingly one.

I cut the copper sheet, used my new dividers....straight lines can be a beautiful thing. Then I filed the edges and corners. Drilled holes. Tumbled them. Grabbed some pages from an old book (1920's) and started tearing & burning. The smell of vintage paper burning isn't pleasant. Then I used gel medium to adhere the paper. I scanned this before I added jump rings so that I could get a better scan. Then I added the jump rings & bagged them up. Twenty five of them. Well I made more, but 25 are for the swap.

My oldest had a look at them while I was working on them & said they looked like something from the movie National Treasure. Then I realized that I had made them right after we watched the movie. Sometimes it amazes me where inspiration comes from, when you aren't even paying attention or looking for it. That's the best kind!

Lots of other things going on around here. I do have some pieces that need to be properly photographed. I envy people who have the knack to hang a piece on a tree and have an awesome picture come out.....I still struggle with every photograph. Lighting is my main issue.....and I'm still working on it.