Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Too Much Nature....

Ya know, I'd like to think that I love nature. But when push comes to shove, I'm an indoor girl who likes to watch nature through the window while in the comfort of cooled air. It's not that I dislike it, I think that most little critters and things of that sort just scare me. I had always dreamed of living out in the country, or a ranch- or a farm.....but then reality hits- I'd be a mess. Since we've moved up here (about 4 years now), I've had more encounters with things than I'd like. Which brings me to today. Today was the first day of summer vacation. School is finished, the boys are home.....all day. So the day was going nicely, minimal fighting. Lunch was in the toaster oven & I decided to grab the mail. I was waiting for something that I had ordered so of course I run to the mailbox every day. I had already been out front a few times this morning. And every time I head out the door, there's someone behind me yelling- I wanna come too.....and they never close the front door. It's just what they do. So the trash went out, the recycle stuff went out later, more trash....then I run out to get the mail. One said he was coming too- I just hollered back....stay here- I'll be right back. I walk to the mailbox....nothing yet. I'm walking back to the door wondering where in the world my mailman is because it's been so sparse lately & my mail is never like that. I come around the corner to the front door & let out a scream. A very loud, shrieky scream. There's a rather large (3') snake at my front door. Now I just know that any second one of my boys is going to open the door, and that snake is going to be as surprised as them.....someone might get hurt....then he can just slither into my house. I'm freaking out. I get closer & move to close the screen door, at least that way if the boys open the door the snake can't get in, and I can ask them to open the garage so I can get a broom or something to scoot the thing away. Just as I shut the screen door the snake darts & ends up between the screen door & the front door. Well now I'm really a mess because if the door opens.....well- you can imagine. I reach in again to open the screen door and he comes back out to just in front of the door. Yup.....he's looking at me.....I'm looking at him. (And no.....I don't believe that he was anywhere near as frightened as I was) I get the screen door closed. Whew! I pick up a little rock & roll it next to him.....in the hopes that he'll scoot away. Seems he's as stubborn as I....again....then finally he just slithers on his merry little way. I back up to see my oldest looking out his window. He heard the commotion & decided to look out his window instead of opening the door. (Yes....we have a little Guardian Angel) And the little one was deeply engrossed in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My hands shook for quite a while after that. Then about an hour later I was sitting on the porch out back (indulging in my nasty habit) and there was another snake (smaller- 2') slithered by & up a bush after a lizard. My oldest walked out onto the porch just in time to watch that. See I'm okay when there's a wall, window, screen or fence between us. LOL. And then later.....Mr. Snake went back by the other way. Towards the palm trees (that we need to trim this weekend). Seems that's where they run to....should make for some fun yard work. So.....too much nature. Ugh. BTW- we don't think the snake is poisonous but we're no experts & frankly....I don't want to be close enough (again) to get lots of detail.

On a happier and more relaxed note, I posted another pair of earrings to Etsy tonight. A dainty pair of Petite Pearls. I like these ear wires, they are squared and sit in your ears ever so nicely. You can't see them in this pic but if you click on the link there's a pic of the ear wires.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Technique Postcard

Every month Karen posts a link to a technique on BookArtz and then there's a postcard swap using that technique. This one was just a blending of acrylic paints but here's the postcard that I mailed off. I love the pic of this guy!

Finished tumbling a batch of metal so there should be new jewelry pieces soon. I'll post them here as I photograph them to post on etsy.

Monday, May 14, 2007

New Earrings

I love these pearl earrings. They are oxidized and that gives the wire wrapping such dimension. I've just listed this pair in my Etsy store. All of the findings: the oversize ear wires, the jump rings and the headpins were made by myself. Then I wrapped the pearls, oxidized them and hand polished them to a beautiful shine. (Can't tumble pearls). They have a nice swing to them as the pearls move around as your head moves. And the color feels very much like spring to me. Someone will enjoy these for a long time. ;-)

And there's one more pair....

This pair starts with a scroll made from a vintage dictionary. It's then wire wrapped in sterling silver and a spray of gray and peacock pearls dangle from the bottom. My camera didn't pick up the iridescence on some of these beauties. This pair can also be found on Etsy. This is similar to the pair that I made for myself (a few posts ago) and I got so many comments by email and people walking up to me that I thought I'd make another pair. The only difference with this pair is I've used the oversize ear wires on these. The sterling findings on this pair were also made by me.

I also made my Mom a pair of earrings for Mother's Day but didn't get a photo of those. And today after weeks of waiting.....a very special pearl order was delivered. Loads of pretties in that box & I can't wait to get started playing with them. I got some copper, black, peacock, green and this batch has some larger pearls.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I've been tagged

Been tagged by Laurie. Seven random facts about me. Hmmmm.

1. I'm no good in the morning until I've had coffee. Then I drink it all day to stay properly caffeinated.

2. I can't eat when I first wake up. Must be up for a while before I want food. Or want to cook food, to the dismay of my family.

3. I love the sound of thunder- the rolling kind. Not so much the loud crash of lightening that's in your neighborhood.....just the rolling thunder of a distant storm.

4. I'm not real fond of the beach during the day. It's great at night or in the evenings, but I don't like it on a hot day. It's a shame since I live so close to the beach & all- you'd think I'd enjoy it more.

5. I prefer to be chilly than to being warm/ hot. Again....strange since I reside in Florida.

6. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. In my neighborhood it's great just to sit on the porch on a Sunday morning drinking in the smell of the grass while enjoying my coffee.

7. I'd love to have more children. DH says we're done but I'd love more. It's no secret. And when our children are running around or misbehaving my DH teases me about wanting more.

Okay.....there's 7 things about me. If you're reading this and you haven't been tagged yet....then you're tagged! And leave a comment letting me know where to read your seven things, leave an email address if I can respond to you.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Scroll Charms

I really haven't been around too much on the "boards" or here. I've been working on things that aren't art related. But I did want to share some of these with you. They started out for a charm swap but I think I'll use them for some things that I've got upcoming. I did a few in silver also that I'll be making into earrings, but I think these will be a great addition to a charm bracelet. The green ones are made from hand painted paper & the other from a vintage dictionary. These are done with copper with a swirl at the bottom. See that lone swirl at the bottom? I do everything in stages. First the scrolls, then they are sealed. Then it's time to wrap the scrolls, and swirls to go on the bottom. There's a lot of wrapping/ twisting at the same time.....a lot of hammering at the same time.....and then wrapping & twisting. As the pieces are ready to be assembled- they go into a bag to keep the tarnish to a minimum until I'm ready to put them together......then I'll grab a handful to "age" them. Copper gets a lovely warmth to it after a few weeks of sitting out.

I really haven't been able to spend the time in here to make things, but here shortly I'm hoping to get in here to wrap up some things. But I will say that my idea journal is filling up.

Time to go get dinner ready.......if I could get the little ones to cook I'd have more creative time.......we're years away from that happening! Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes I'm amazed at how many people come by for a visit ;-)