Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Altered Postcard

This is a postcard that I did using the technique from Try it Tuesday by Claudia Roulier. This was a new transfer technique for me & I had some challenges- probably due to the humidity. I will definitely do more of these as I really enjoyed the process.

BTW- people are getting their Shades of White book & are really happy with it. :-) It was a great project.

I'm working on a couple of decos tonight, but I think I'll head off to bed as the layers aren't dry yet. I'm hoping to finish up quite a few projects in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for all of your wonderful really does make me smile.

Edited to add comments:
audrey said...

This turned out great. Love the image.

3:14 PM

Stacie said...

Thanks Audrey, it's from Art-e-zine. I should put a link to that in my sidebar. Note to self.......add that. ;-)

Hey Audrey- I'm in FL too. Port Saint Lucie to be exact.

3:40 PM

Jeri said...

Great work - I like it!

2:27 PM

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Binding the Shades of White Chunky Book

Here's some pics of the table during binding. These books look great & really fat. Back to binding!

**Took these pix the other night but due to some blogger script reason, wasn't able to upload them. There's lots more now.....I'm about 2/3 done & looking to be done this weekend. Yippee!

Edited to add comments:
Keri said...

Shoot, why weren't you more persistent about making me join this project? LOL
Love them!

12:58 AM

Stacie said...

Thanks Keri. Not sure that you would have enjoyed making 30 of the same thing! But the book really is beautiful. Next theme is Paris (Cathy's hosting) and then Home. I'll let you know when they're announced. ;-)


8:30 AM

kelly rae said...

those look so amazing. i love all things white!

3:26 PM

Stacie said...

Thanks Kelly- it was a fun project & the books turned out very nice. I appreciate your comment. With all the color you use in your work I'm surprised to hear you like white! We'd love for you to join us for our next book~ it's the BookArtz group, link is in my blog. ;-)