Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Little Flowers

Every year, just about this time, I want a garden.  I remember my aunt & uncle's garden when I was growing up.  It was huge.  However, I have what is lovingly refferred to as a black thumb.  No garden for me.  Yes, I've tried.  And I am seriously in trouble if I ever have to rely on myself for food.  LOL.  Serious trouble. 

But, it seems that I'm in a flower phase with metal.  Not sure if these are more like Frogbit or Spiderwort Lily.  Both are flowers with three petals.

Cute little posts for spring.  In the shop now.  Maybe one day I'll figure out the other. 

Saturday, April 03, 2010

More treasuries!

Our etsy team (SATeam) loves treasuries.  And I'm always honored to be included in one.  This week I've had the pleasure of being featured in two.

This one featured my sterling drops.  Imaginative name isn't it?  Yes, naming things = my nemesis.  This lovely treasury was curated by Jewlie from JewlieBeads.  Her store boasts not only finished pieces, but some wonderful tutorials!

This one was curated by Birgit from TwoSilverMoons. This time my newly photographed Word nerd earrings were featured.  I made a couple new pair last week.  Birgit is also a metalsmith & her shop is full of shiny silver. 

Both teammates have drool-worthy work!  And are really nice people too.  Yay SATeam!  Yes, I know that these photos are larger than usual, wanted you to be able to see the detail. 

Until next time!