Sunday, April 23, 2006


Here's my page for the True Colors Chunky we're doing. I really enjoyed working with white, but not so much the feathers! We're doing a Shades of White book on BookArtz- really looking forward to that.

It's really late at night....I'm catching up on my projects though. Still more to scan but I'll save that for another day or I won't be able to get up in the morning.

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crafty said...

Wow, this is so ............delicate looking.
the feather has really tickled my fancy !!!!!!!!!!! LOL
luv your art work .
will stop by often
joan in italy

7:21 AM
Stacie said...

Thanks Joan- much appreciated!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Deco: Altered Cabinet Card

Had to do a free expression deco, so I'm picking my own theme. My friend Cathy sent me a great little cab card so while I was making copies for a chunky book I added it to the original & copied it also. Then it got mounted onto cardstock & trimmed. Then I made a little deco filled with cab cards for my art buddies to alter. Had to do one myself. Here's the original & my altered version.

First I used gel medium over the part of the picture that I didn't want paint to cover. When that was dry I covered the whole thing with a lovely gold acrylic & wiped off the part covering the picture with a rag. Then when that was dry I painted some color blocks with a metallic amethyst and phthalocyanine green. When that layer was dry I stamped with black memories ink, the squares (cat's life Press) and the circles (top of my glue stick container). Then I added a layer of blue glaze - simply a glazing medium added to blue paint. Again wiping off the area that I didn't want colored. Then I added a piece of vintage text & various rub-ons (Treasure Art Trends- see link at left). Then covered the whole thing with a coat of gel medium. I wanted to protect the rub-ons because this is going into a deco & will be mailed to various artist friends & possible handled. I really like how it turned out. Although next time I would allow more drying time between layers. Can't wait to do another- I have a nice little collection of cabinet cards now, just need to finish up some swaps so I have time to PLAY!!!!!

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vicci said...

Hi Stacie....I am happy to find your blog! I love the altered cabinet card

Monday, April 10, 2006

Great Thrift store finds today!

My art friend Tammy is hosting an altered purse swap on our Mixed Media group. I've been in & out of several thrift stores looking for a purse to alter. I also had an idea about making one from a pair of young girl's jeans. Well- today I got a couple of pairs of jeans, a couple of purses to alter, a little mirror thing to alter (I'm thinking kid's pictures & putting it by the front door) & my favorite find......a vintage suitcase, well- the cosmetic case. I was so excited. It's old, and blue & in pretty decent shape considering. I'm looking forward to having some time to alter this little treasure. I think it'll be great to hold some art supplies. I've got some ideas for both the inside & outside. I'll post pix as I go along the process. Very excited about this!

Back to binding.......

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Keri said...

I have a vintage cosmetic case, or maybe a liquor case, that I have been wanting to alter and use for art supplies too. I saw this somewhere, but where or where was it. The case stunk so bad when I bought it I had to put baking soda in it and leave it out in the sun for about a month. It still has a little bit of a "scent" to it. Must need some liquour thrown into it. LOL
The reason I bought this case was becauase I had seen a tole painting project where the artist had painted a suitcase. I just had to do that! So I was on the hunt for old suitcases. I have now owned four old suitcases for at least 3 years that remain UNPAINTED! I was bit by the deco bug and put down my paint brushes.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thanks for the comments!

I really appreciate all of the comments that I've been receiving. And if I was more blog savvy I could probably respond from here......but I don't know how to do that yet! No art to post tonight. I've been working on a couple of swaps, but when I get a chance I've got finishing touches to put on a few other projects then I'll post them. Just wanted to say I appreciate the love!