Friday, June 05, 2009

Bloom...The Ring

I know I'm just dropping quick photos &'s been that way. But I wanted to post a pic of a new ring. I haven't been able to get a great photo to post it in Azoho yet, but I'm close. It's a "bloom" ring. I love it. Wearing it on my pinky right now. Earrings are close to finished. And a ring with a little bezel set stone is finished except for some patina & polishing (& setting the stone). Hopefully some time in the metals studio tomorrow morning & I'll get it all done. Then photographs. The last part is still the tricky part for me.
The kids are almost finished with school for the year. At this point I'm usually thinking that I'll have more time....but this year I'm not kidding myself. My time will have to be stolen moments here & there. Unless I can work out some sort of schedule. Hmmm....will have to give that a try!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Class Ring

I wanted to show you a photo of a ring I made in my fabrication class.

I like it because it's rustic & organic. I picked a stone that has a higher profile on one side- almost looks like it cracked while it was being cabbed & they went ahead & polished it anyway. It's got character! For my metal head friends...The tricky part was the braid. It's 24g twisted wire that I had to solder before it was soldered on next to the bezel. The challenge was NOT to melt it- heating it up twice with a #3 tip on the torch. Anyway...I love this ring & wanted to share it with you.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Need a name

These are cute little studs. I was going to add them to the shop tonite, but then realized that I can't seem to think of a proper name for them. LOL. Any ideas? They are smaller than the nuggets. And I've got some in colors also. A bit of air dry enamel on the end adds a little splash of color. So....if you can think of a name for these- I'd appreciate your comments or tweets! And I thank you in advance!