Saturday, February 17, 2007

Twisted Ring

This is the first ring that I've made. I actually made it last month, but since I couldn't scan it- took longer to post. It's the same ring, just photographed in the shade & in the sun. MUST work on photography skills!'s made from 16 gauge copper. I've been wearing it a lot. It's a simple design but I like it. I made it before I got a ring mandrel, or I would have sized it a bit differently. And next time I order silver, I'll get some 16g and make one in silver. I also got a couple lampwork beads to make a similar ring with, but the hole is too small for 16g so I'll probably make that in 18g.

Comments welcomed ;-)

Silver Hearts is finished

Because I'm scanning instead of photographing, I'm not sure how much difference you'll see, but the piece looks totally different. No longer the shiny bright silver, it's now aged & worn looking. I prefer this look for this piece. This will be packaged up and sent to it's new home with my next mail run. I sure hope she likes it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Silver Hearts

This is a bracelet that I'm making for a friend. I want to artificially age it now so it'll have a little bath in some yummy smelling liver of sulfur. (Yes- I'm being sarcastic because the stuff smells horrible!) Then I'll tumble it, polish it & take a pic before I send it off to it's new home.

This bracelet is made from 18 gauge sterling silver. It really looks pretty on, very feminine. A swan clasp will hold it together. I really like this clasp- I thought it would be hard to attach the bracelet or fall off or something like that, but it's a great clasp for the pieces that I've done so far.

The charms for the swap on ArtTechniques are starting to come in. I rec'd so much inspiration from the other charm swap blogs that I'd like to do one for this swap too. Just need an okee dokee from the participants. I posted a message asking for permission but only a few have responded so far- we'll see how it goes. I could always just add a page to my website.

Website.....yeah- haven't had much time to spend on it the last week. Been trying to wrap up a few things. "All in good time", one of my mantras that I seem to keep repeating.

I am going to spend the next couple weeks trying to finish things to add to my little space on ETSY. I did post the "African Pin" that I posted here in August. I'd keep it if I was going out into the world every day, dressed for a job......but that's not my life right now.

Currently working on a Spring Collaborative Swap for BookArtz, some decos and I'm building a necklace around one of the Mother of Pearl pendants that I wire wrapped. All projects are coming along! Will post as they finish ;-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Charms

I was just looking through my blog & had a sudden realization that I forgot to post these charms. (Yup....I'm sooooo loving charms!) These I made in November but mailed them in to the hostess in January. These are for Amber Dawn's swap on the ICE Group. It's a 21 for 20 swap. I spiraled copper, hammered it then added beads & wrapped a loop. Yup, lots of practice on spirals & wrapped loops. Once I was more comfortable I made the wire bead & the heart one. I like that one. The puzzle pieces were primed, painted with 3 colors (Navy, Sage & Copper) and sealed with varnish on the sides, top & bottom. Holes punched then sealed again. Some have text added to them. Added purchased jump rings. I'm excited to be getting the swaps back although I know (from being a hostess myself) what a daunting task they have ahead of them. ;-) I can be very patient, it'll be well worth it in the end.

One more charm swap & this one I'm hosting. My charms are a smattering of ones I've made and ones that I've been playing with. Have been doing some experimenting. More playing with wire & some other things. I will update more about this soon because like the other swaps....I want to start a blog to have a somewhat permanent/ long time record of this particular swap. I've got the go ahead from the list Mom's, now I just need to get it set up & stuff. This weekend will be dedicated to wrapping projects up & working on the computer. ;-) I've got to back it up, upgrade some programs & I want to do some tweaking on my settings.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another Paris Deco

Honestly....not sure that I like this one. But it needs to go on to its next destination by mail tomorrow so it's gotta fly. This is in one of the decos for the RR in the BookArtz group. While I know what I don't like about it, I couldn't "fix" it without starting over. I used a napkin as a base for my background & didn't like the way it looked, then I didn't seal it before adding a glaze so it muddied it up. So I added more color with the neocolor II crayons. Have I mentioned yet this month how much I love mine? Even though I've barely scratched the surface with various ways to use them, I love the way they add a bit of color to what I'm working on.....and I like them smudged a bit. ;-) Tonight is the Superbowl & if the game is a snoozer then I'll get started on the next Paris deco in my pile, if not then I'll start it tomorrow.

I need to make more hand painted papers though.....I've hit the bottom of my pile. So I'll also be cleaning off the workspace in that part of my room here & starting on some of those.