Sunday, January 16, 2011

Year of Jewelry- Week 1

After years of watching the year of jewelry, I decided to join them this year.  One piece of jewelry per week, for a year.  It's not that I don't make jewelry regularly- that's not the challenge for me.  For me- the challenge is to finish and photograph a piece a week.  This will form the habit of finishing/ photographing.  At least I understand that it will form a habit & I'm hoping so!

Organic Rustic Copper Blooms

For week 1- I revisited an old design with a different metal.  These rustic blooms are made of copper with a sterling center- on sterling ear wires.  I wanted to use copper for two reasons- I love the warmth (and it won’t be touching skin) and I wanted to play with a patina.  The patina was to be blue and I still don’t really see blue.  I don't mean a hint of blue- I'm talking about a bright cobalt.  And since they are sealed- I’m not getting the glow from the copper that I love so much- except for around the edges.  I want to play with the process some more.

Friday, January 07, 2011


While sometimes I really feel like I will never be caught up- sometimes, with some focus- I get there.

In keeping with my one word for 2011 (stretch) I have joined the Year of Jewelry.  YOJ 2011 is one piece per week, every week.  I've watched it from the sidelines for years.  I've watched people really grow.  And this year I am going to be one of those people.  Of course I'll have to address two problems that I seem to have with making jewelry:  Finishing and taking photos.  This challenge will help me address both because each week something will have to be both finished and photographed.
I'm excited!