Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cutting Rocks

When I was a little girl (I know, this statement brings on yawns & rolling eyes!) I used to collect rocks. They've always fascinated me. Fast forward to now. (I know- a really quick trip down memory lane) I'm a little obsessed with metalsmithing. And I'm loving my classes, although sometimes experiments can be costly- LOL. Anyway, I wasn't finding stones that I liked, in shapes & sizes that I wanted to work with. So...this semester I'm taking a cabbing class in addition to the metal fabrication class. There's plenty of new equipment & tools for me to learn how to use and I'm enjoying sourcing out rocks to cut. Last week I learned how to properly use the 12" oil saw. My hands were stinky with a foul smelling oil- but I cut a rock into slices (called slabs). Before class started I got some rocks to cut & cab- here's a pic of one:

This one is called Sonora Sunrise, a newish find from Mexico. (And from what I heard- "all the rage" at Tucson this year) It's Chrysocolla, so it's got lovely blues and Cuprite, so it's got earthy reds. With some black mixed in (Tenorite)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Earrings Listed

Finally got a decent photo of these Bloom Earrings. Very rustic, organic. I just love them. The texture is fantastic. I have a pair too & they are very comfortable.

Gotta post & run....I'm off to class! Yay!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Included in a Beautiful Treasury

Jen K of TheBlueDress selected a pair of my earrings for this gorgeous treasury. She made mention that the old green of the 70's is coming back as the new green. I love green & happen to be in a sort of "green phase" right now. But do this: check out Jen's shop! She is so talented with metals it just blows me away. I always look forward to her posting new work. We are on the SATeam together & I've got to say.....she rocks! Thanks Jen!

Thursday, July 02, 2009


A friend of mine sent me an email. She always forwards funny things but this one was different. It said that there is a rock in Iowa on HWY 25 that kids have painted for years. Graffiti, names, stuff that kids would do. Always changing as the next kid makes his mark. But a teenager painted over it months ago & nobody has touched it. I thought it was perfect to share with you today. The artist's name is Ray "Bubba" Sorenson II & I understand that he's a teenager. Check this out:

We need more teens like this one! Happy 4th & thank you to all the men & women that made & keep us independent.

Etsy Gift Guide & Free US Shipping

Who knew that even a "not so great" photo can be picked for a gift guide? LOL. This weekend there is a Free Shipping promo going on at Etsy. My shop, Azoho, is participating in the promotion. Etsy put up the gift guide/ limited time promotions & I was happy to see that my Bloom ring is in the guide. Sure wish I had a better photo to put into that listing. ;-)

I wanted to share this with you. Last Sunday I woke up with a nasty sore throat, still sore so I'm going to go have some nice warm liquid. Stop by the store & take advantage of the free shipping promotion!