Sunday, August 29, 2010

SATeam Blog Carnival- August

Our team has adopted the idea of a blog carnival.  I'm really excited about this.  Various members of the team will give their thoughts on the same question.  You'll be able to follow the links around the blogosphere.  Should be fun & informative.  This months question is:  How does texture play in your work?

You know I love this.  I think that it even goes back to mixed media collage- because I love texture when I paint also.  And layer after layer of paint and marks really give a piece texture and life. There are very few Azoho pieces that I create that don't have texture.  I like my pieces to look old.  Like they've already lived a life and have a story to tell.  Each piece has a different story, but the texture plays a roll.  This is a reflection of myself.  I have than I used to.  But there's good things that come with age- knowledge, patience, understanding, wrinkles.  LOL.  I'm not shiny new and neither is the jewelry that I create.  I suppose in my mind texture equals a life that's lived, and lived well!

"Raspberry Pendant"  Available

As far as the technical aspect of do I achieve it?  Well I'll share a secret with you- my all time favorite texture is from concrete.  I go outside and put my metal on a sidewalk and proceed to whack it with a rawhide mallet.  I also have a few hammers with various "marks" on their heads that make great texture.  And of course- the rolling mill.  That's like a great big pasta machine for metal.  And I suppose etching makes a great textured surface.  And when I'm patient....reticulation is a great texture that I love to use.  And of course- when I've finished a piece- I like to add a patina to show off all that lovely texture.  Then I polish it again to give it depth and character.  Um...this is where I say...Just like me!

"Molten"  Set with a 4mm CZ:  Private Collection

Click on these links to see what my talented team mates have to say about texture in their own work!
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* denotes a link to their blog- not the specific post- yet!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sonora Angel

An angel to watch over you.  This pendant is a sonora sunrise stone and sterling silver.  The stone has both bright & muted blues mixed with a reddish black.  This is a stone that I cut myself.  A rustic angel.  Not quite listed to sell as of yet because I haven't been happy with any of the photos that I've taken of this piece.  I've had months where I've been very camera challenged.  Not quite sure why.  I'll work on it once school starts. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dusting it off.

(cough, cough)  My blog seems to be as dusty as the tops of my bookshelves. It's summer and with the kids home from school, I've worn the 'MOM' hat more than any other.  We've been;

At the movies
Hanging out
Enjoying friends
Having sleepovers
Having BBQ's
Went on vacation
Just having fun all around.

School starts in about a week & a half and it's time to get into a different routine.  No more running out for milkshakes at 9pm.  But with this new routine, I'll find a quiet house and some creative time.  My shop has had activity all summer, which I appreciate.  My website redesign is sitting dormant on my computer until I can find some time to do what I need to do.  Meanwhile....I still have about 10 days left to enjoy summer vacation, and so I will!  I leave you with a photo of my boys.