Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Altered Condoms

Okay, you may think I'm nuts, you wouldn't be the first! I made a bunch of these some time ago, before I knew about altered art. I used to sell them regularly at shows & boutiques. I've started some new ones & they are going up in my Etsy store. Depending on how many I get made I may list them on eBay or source a little boutique up here. I've altered a condom by gessoing, painting, stamping, inking & adding a bit of collage. So, what do you think? Comments appreciated! Think it'll start a craze in the altered art world? Or am I nuts? LOL

Edited to add comments:
Gypsy said...

OH MY GAWD! That is brilliant! I absolutely love it! And quirky like me! I think it is great!!! Good for you! I LOVE edgy art!

8:23 PM

Unconventionally_Urs said...

This is ingenious indeed! I love it. For the life of me, when I saw it on gypsy page, I didn't think it was a condom packet. I guess I was looking for an unwrapped condom! Zaitoon (member of soul-vision)

5:22 PM

Suzanne said...

Now THAT's original!
Just be careful not to poke holes in them (ha!)
Very fun...

11:21 PM


Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Break for RAK's

Taking a much needed break from swaps this weekend. Give myself a little time to recharge, play & clean up my ever messy workspace. In just letting myself play I'm coming up with some little things that I'll send out as RAK's (random acts of kindness) so some of my art friends. Here's one. It's an altered formica sample.

Waiting for some glue to dry on others & making some little books. This chould be just the recharge that I need!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Knocked Down

Okay like I needed this like a whole in the head- I was sick all weekend. Not just sniffle & sneeze carrying on kind of sick- but the fever, can't hold my head up, must sleep kind of sick. And now I'm trying to catch up on everything.

I did want to post my finished atc from the Noir swap. I used paint splats as part of the background on the top- just trying to "use" the circles. I was happy with it. Now my next swap projects are Floral Chunky, color (brown), and true colors (white).