Sunday, February 19, 2006

Slowly moving in the right direction

Well after problems that were no fault of Etsy's- my seller account is finally set up. To set it up Etsy send a pre-approve charge of one penny to verify the account and my bank kept denying it. Rob from Etsy's Customer service was wonderful & let me know some things that could be causung the problem. After numerous phone calls to my bank- it seems they won't pre-approve any charge under a dollar. Ron upped the pre-approve charge to $1.01 and it went through the first time. He was a huge help! Just have a few things to do to set up my store then I'm ready to go. (HTML wise) I Of course after that.....I need to finish some pieces to list! I've started on some jewelry pieces that are an altered item. I'll post when I've finished one- I reallly like them so far. Hopefully this week- but I've got another swap to get out so my pieces may get moved to the proverbial back burner! I wish I wasn't so slow when I create- I'd get more done & my back burner wouldn't be so full.

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