Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Altered Condoms

Okay, you may think I'm nuts, you wouldn't be the first! I made a bunch of these some time ago, before I knew about altered art. I used to sell them regularly at shows & boutiques. I've started some new ones & they are going up in my Etsy store. Depending on how many I get made I may list them on eBay or source a little boutique up here. I've altered a condom by gessoing, painting, stamping, inking & adding a bit of collage. So, what do you think? Comments appreciated! Think it'll start a craze in the altered art world? Or am I nuts? LOL

Edited to add comments:
Gypsy said...

OH MY GAWD! That is brilliant! I absolutely love it! And quirky like me! I think it is great!!! Good for you! I LOVE edgy art!

8:23 PM

Unconventionally_Urs said...

This is ingenious indeed! I love it. For the life of me, when I saw it on gypsy page, I didn't think it was a condom packet. I guess I was looking for an unwrapped condom! Zaitoon (member of soul-vision)

5:22 PM

Suzanne said...

Now THAT's original!
Just be careful not to poke holes in them (ha!)
Very fun...

11:21 PM


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