Friday, May 19, 2006

Try it Tuesdays!

I'll admit it.....I'm a technique junkie.....can never get enough! I love that Chrysti started & invited me to this group. (See link at right) We'll have a new technique each week to try. And we don't have to create a finished piece- just the technique. And to make it even better- a random person will be drawn (lottery style) to win a prize. I just love this weeks technique- supplied by Karyn Gartel- the Altered Diva! I hope to find some time this weekend to play some more. Here's a couple of my samples.
I don't know why my pix always get out of alignment when I post more than one....maybe one day I'll figure it out. Good thing I'm no longer a perfectionist as this would drive me crazy!!

Edited to add comments:
audrey said...

These turned out absolutely gorgeous. My favorite color is green so I love these and am really drawn to them.

8:31 AM

Stacie said...

Thanks Audrey- the link to the group is in the right side margin- you should join us! There's some great techniques coming around for everyone to try.

8:54 AM

Keri said...

I am a complete technique junkie myself! I especially appreciate finding someone who will share their technique AND write directions. I love to share, but directions push me over the edge!
Most of the time I am just trying a little of that, and maybe this. By the time I'm done, who knows how I got there. LOL

1:04 AM

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