Sunday, October 15, 2006

Teeny Tiny Collage

After seeing these tiny 1 x 1 collages on Christi's Blog- I just had to give it a go. Boy oh boy.....this is small! There's not much room for anything & I found the hardest part to be- cutting out the images. When time permits.....I'll make more. ;-) I see them popping up on various blogs so I'm sure I'll be swapping them soon. It is certainly a great way to use up scraps! And I need that since I save even the tiniest pieces.

Edited to add comments:
Patty M said...

Stacie, Love your little 1x1's. I have worked on puzzles but this is another challenge. Will have to try. Great Blog.

1:56 PM

Keri said...

This is the first time I have seen such tiny pieces of art. I love them. You're right, it is hard to cut out such tiny things. It's also hard to get to much detail in such a tiny ploace. You did a wonderful job. You have also inspired me to use up those little scraps I usually toss away.

9:11 PM

Stacie said...

Thanks ;-) Between these & some altered business cards I'm using lots of scraps up. Guess I'm really jsut making room for more!


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