Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hmmmm. Karen tagged me. 7 random facts about me. For some reason I always have a tough time with this, ya know, don't want it to sound stupid or mushy or anything. LOL. So it takes me a few days.

1. I LOVE italian food. Cover it with cheese & sauce and I'll eat it, and a lot of it.

2. I'm very sarcastic by nature. Not sure if people can tell online, but in person I am. And......so are my children. (There's a payback for ya!)

3. I'm a list lover. I've got lists everywhere, for everything.

4. I like Nascar. Really really like it. Have for years. And then my oldest discovered it, so now I have company ;-)

5. I'm a "glass is half full" kind of girl. Ever the optimist & always finding something positive.

6. I drink chocolate milk at night. Either before I go to sleep or I wake up in the middle of the night & mix some up.

7. I'm a night owl. Much prefer nights to mornings and if I didn't have to get up early- I'd stay up much later ;-) I have more energy then and can get more done.

There ya go. 7 random facts about me. So.....if you're reading this- consider yourself tagged ;-) Post a comment with your blog addy so we can read more about you!


Jo Crabtree said...

Stacie, these facts are me! Except for the chocolate milk thing, we could be the same person. Love NASCAR, Italian food, am very sarcastic (gets me in trouble sometimes). What a scream! Jo

easyjourney said...

Yummy chocolate milk! and Italian food is my fav, just wish there wasn't so many calories! Positive people live longer and more fulfilling lives! Happy creating, xxoo Astrid


I invited Kim LaBonte (Terry LaBonte's wife) to have lunch with me, but she couldn't. Bummer. (she is a very sweet lady)

Wabbit said...

Well, except for the NASCAR, we have tons in common. No wonder I like you so much! Now that my mom is 94, she's discovering just how much fun it is not to have children who are all as sarcastic as she is! You've got a LONG time to enjoy it!!! Marilyn

Dana Loffland said...

Your artwork is so great. I love the way you combine traditional sophisticated stuff with the "junque". Nice job.