Monday, July 16, 2007

Earrings & Update

I seriously love these earrings. And I'm torn between listing them on Etsy and keeping them for myself. And someone else has already expressed an interest in them. LOL. They are antiqued copper with green glass. They have a fabulous swing when I hold them up. And I think I finally took a decent picture. I photographed about 4 different things yesterday before storms rolled in and I lost my good light. So I hope to post more pictures soon.
Website update: I've done some redesigning but haven't uploaded the new stuff yet because (of course) I broke some things while I was doing it. Seems weekends are the only time I can really get some work done so it'll probably be next weekend before anyone but me sees the changes.
Swap update: The house chunky has been announced on BookArtz so I'm starting my pages for it & been wrapping beads here & there for Patti's bead swap. It's all good. ;-)

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