Sunday, February 14, 2010

I saw an angel


Last October I wanted to make a pendant for myself.  I knew which stone I wanted to use, it was the first Sonora Sunrise that I cut myself.  {For my first stone I didn't grab the part with the vivid reds & blues, this stone is more muted}  When I was almost finished, it looked like an angel to me.  Then someone else told me that they thought it was an angel.  It wasn't intentional, just serindipitous.  So the angels were born.  This one is mine & I've cut stones and started setting for two others.  One of those will be a necklace and the other, maybe a brooch.   Those who know me know how much I love angels.  I like this one, it suits me just fine!   ;-)


willow said...

it's beautiful, Stacie!!!

Jeri Aaron said...

Stacie, this is just beautiful!

Stacie @ said...

Thank you both so much!