Monday, April 10, 2006

Great Thrift store finds today!

My art friend Tammy is hosting an altered purse swap on our Mixed Media group. I've been in & out of several thrift stores looking for a purse to alter. I also had an idea about making one from a pair of young girl's jeans. Well- today I got a couple of pairs of jeans, a couple of purses to alter, a little mirror thing to alter (I'm thinking kid's pictures & putting it by the front door) & my favorite find......a vintage suitcase, well- the cosmetic case. I was so excited. It's old, and blue & in pretty decent shape considering. I'm looking forward to having some time to alter this little treasure. I think it'll be great to hold some art supplies. I've got some ideas for both the inside & outside. I'll post pix as I go along the process. Very excited about this!

Back to binding.......

Edited to add comment:
Keri said...

I have a vintage cosmetic case, or maybe a liquor case, that I have been wanting to alter and use for art supplies too. I saw this somewhere, but where or where was it. The case stunk so bad when I bought it I had to put baking soda in it and leave it out in the sun for about a month. It still has a little bit of a "scent" to it. Must need some liquour thrown into it. LOL
The reason I bought this case was becauase I had seen a tole painting project where the artist had painted a suitcase. I just had to do that! So I was on the hunt for old suitcases. I have now owned four old suitcases for at least 3 years that remain UNPAINTED! I was bit by the deco bug and put down my paint brushes.

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