Friday, August 11, 2006

Lottery Entry- Out of Africa

This was my offerring for our lottery on the deco group. I haven't worked much with this theme so I really enjoyed this. It didn't scan well- it's brighter in person. The red is more vibrant & the gold is bright. We'll know Monday who will win this & the other gorgeous entries for this month. I'm feeling lucky though!

It's an altered condom. I made the poly clay piece with a mold. There's fabric, paper, mesh, lumieres, a button and fabric paint on this piece. I attached a pin thingie to the back so it could be worn as a pin. I really should try to get a better picture. LOL.

Been very busy with family things so this is the only thing that I've done all week. I'm hoping to have a creatively productive weekend. ;-)

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