Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pendants & Herringbone

Lately I've been bitten by the jewelry bug again. There are some things that I want to learn & some techniques that I want to do over & over again (until they're second nature to me). So I've dug out my jewelry things & have been playing a bit. Well- until the whole family got sick- that's not left me with much time. Although I've got a lot to learn, I still thought I'd post some pix. LOL- Easier said than done. These little buggers are hard for me to get a good shot of, I'm not a very good photographer to start with. So, blurry pix aside- here's a few. Quite a diverse group I know. I'm thinking I need more beads- LOL. Actually there IS a class that I want to take next month, we'll have to see how it goes. Until then I'll just keep on playing as time permits.


Anonymous said...

Jan Myers said...

These are very beautiful, you are just excellent with your craft. Are these going to be for sale anytime soon. Jan Myers

Stacie said...

Thanks Jan- I appreciate it. Yes- I'll put them into my Etsy store. (Maybe) I'll add the link back into the sidebar when I've added them into the store. ;-)