Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bold & Chunky

This is the first bracelet that I made. I was practicing techniques. It's made of 18g copper, unakite & black onyx. I finished it about a month ago, just now posting it. See- I was going to photograph it, but nooooo- I scanned it. (This way I'm not the only person who sees it!) The pics don't do it justice though- it's bold & chunky. I've been wearing it & it's really grown on me. I love the swan clasp & the spiral charms give it movement & a bit of a jingle. The unakite stones are wonderful colors- shades of green with touches of a salmon color. And now it's not so shiny, it's a bit aged. LOL. I was going to artificially age it, but time is saving me the trouble. I'm proud of me ;-) And yes- I've started one in sterling silver. But personally- I'm growing quite fond of's got a warmth & a glow that I find very appealing. And doesn't turn me green.


Patty M said...

Stacie, I just love the chunkey jewlery. Want to come visit and give me lessons? Any suggestions on books for a beginner? Paris RR is a Great page too.


Stacie said...

Thanks Patty, you don't know HOW MUCH i'd love to spend some time with you ;-) Best book: Bead on a Wire by Sharilyn Miller & her DVD Tribal Treasures. I'll email you with details. I've looked at a few others & they are not nearly as good ;-)


Karen Campbell said...

This bracelet is to die for, Stacie!! And I am a huge copper fan too!