Saturday, January 27, 2007

Copper Hearts

This is a scan of the hearts link bracelet that I finished last week. It really looks nice on my wrist. I wanted to do it in copper first because I was having "issues" with the jump rings. First they were too small & it didn't lay flat, then they were too big & they stuck up too high. Then they were just right. As soon as I finished this, I started a silver one. I think I'll add a couple more links to this & turn it into an anklet. Maybe a bead danglie by the clasp too. And in my typical "overdoing" it, I've got plenty of heart links left. In silver & copper. I like copper, it's got a very warm feel to it.

Seriously I need to stop scanning the jewelry & take photographs. LOL. But the scanning is so much faster. I have another bracelet made. I'll try to photograph it today. If not, I'll scan it tonight.

I'm not really sure why this picture seems so small. If you click it you can get a bigger view.

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