Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Charms

I was just looking through my blog & had a sudden realization that I forgot to post these charms. (Yup....I'm sooooo loving charms!) These I made in November but mailed them in to the hostess in January. These are for Amber Dawn's swap on the ICE Group. It's a 21 for 20 swap. I spiraled copper, hammered it then added beads & wrapped a loop. Yup, lots of practice on spirals & wrapped loops. Once I was more comfortable I made the wire bead & the heart one. I like that one. The puzzle pieces were primed, painted with 3 colors (Navy, Sage & Copper) and sealed with varnish on the sides, top & bottom. Holes punched then sealed again. Some have text added to them. Added purchased jump rings. I'm excited to be getting the swaps back although I know (from being a hostess myself) what a daunting task they have ahead of them. ;-) I can be very patient, it'll be well worth it in the end.

One more charm swap & this one I'm hosting. My charms are a smattering of ones I've made and ones that I've been playing with. Have been doing some experimenting. More playing with wire & some other things. I will update more about this soon because like the other swaps....I want to start a blog to have a somewhat permanent/ long time record of this particular swap. I've got the go ahead from the list Mom's, now I just need to get it set up & stuff. This weekend will be dedicated to wrapping projects up & working on the computer. ;-) I've got to back it up, upgrade some programs & I want to do some tweaking on my settings.

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sammy said...

Stacie... I love all your wire charms... I am hopiing to work on doing some wire ones also and find yours very inspirationsal!

Am sorry I had to back out of your swap, but have hopes of maybe getting one of your charms in Amber's swap...

And your heart chain is just awesome!