Friday, January 18, 2008


Well the good kind ;-) This past week I've had some long overdue creative time. While I did start painting some backgrounds, I spent most of the time "playing" with my torch. I've made quite a few stackable rings. Some I added a jump ring & added some crystals. Some I added a bezel & a stone. Some I left plain. I've also been cutting & doming discs. I've got a batch I need to tumble, then I think they'll become earrings. It feels good to have had this time, hope it continues. And I need some quality camera time this weekend so I can show you some of the pretties I made.

The painted backgrounds will likely become little notecards & Valentine Postcards for swaps on BookArtz.

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Loudlife said...

Hi Stacy!

Hope you're doing well. Just checking in on you. Glad to see back in the blog world!

Are you still doing the yahoo jewelry group? I never checked it out, but still want to. Do you know Stephanie Lee? She's offering advanced copies of her Found Object Jewelry book on her website:
I thought you might be interested. Her stuff is so cool.

Talk to you soon,