Thursday, February 14, 2008

Better Pictures

I'm on my way to better pictures. As soon as I really figure out how to use the camera. Look at these earrings:

Now, this picture was taken with them sitting on my desk. Using the overhead lights, macro setting & the flash. Because it had only been 5 minutes since I opened the book & turned it on for the first time. So I haven't experimented with any white balance settings, or used the light tent, or- gotten to the page in the manual that shows me how to turn the flash off. But, this is the same pair of earrings that I posted on June 7th. (scroll down for the ugly pictures) I was shocked & excited about the detail in the stones- you can't even see that with your naked eye.....well I can't! I never put them up for sale because the pictures were so bad. Originally I was going to keep them, but ya know....gotta support my buying habits somehow!

So.....I'm on my way. And so very happy about it. Just gotta figure out my new toy! Woo- hoo!

1 comment:

capitolagirl said...

Great earrings, I love the design!