Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love those pearls!

I'm currently having a serious love affair with pearls. Although earrings are the only items that have been finished and photographed, there are rings, bracelets & necklaces in the works. And today I hope to put the finishing touches & photograph a whole wad of them.

Last night, after I ordered our pizza, I posted a pair of gray peacock pearl earrings on Etsy. And I'm happy to report that they were sold before I went to bed. I love it that others love pearls as much as I do. Pearls just make a girl feel special and with contemporary's just the icing on the cake. My earrings have been simple, and that's what makes them so versatile.


inventivesoul said...

I hear you!!!
Pearls are great to work with.

Val Foster said...

Hi Stacie. I love pearls too, and these earrings are very elegant. Wonderful work.

BTW, I just got tagged and am now tagging you.

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ChezChani said...

Lovely earrings, very elegant.