Friday, April 11, 2008

Mmmmmm, like candy

My postman, Roger, likes delivering mail to my house. He appreciates the mail art that I receive almost as much as I do. I can see why he likes it, after all- his day is spent looking at boring plain envelopes......then he gets to mine. The envelopes are artfully decorated, and postcards always have art on them. Well, as much as I like receiving mail art, I also like getting little nondescript envelopes. I know when they're coming and wait with anticipation so I can bring it in and open it up to lovingly fondle the contents. This is a horrible pic of today's little envelope.

They are all faceted briolettes. Some dark amethyst puffed marquis, pink amethyst pears, swiss blue topaz hearts, garnet ovals and different colored aquamarine drops. I'm still really excited about them, such a nice sparkle. And this time, I drew the design first, THEN ordered the stones. LOL- so many of these already have plans. I hope the pictures of the finished pieces are better than this picture! Since I still haven't put away the silver, I think I'll go see what I can put together.

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