Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ask Stacie

Customers and friends regularly ask me questions about their jewelry. I thought I"d try blogging about it because many of the questions are the same. One day I suppose it would be a good idea to get an FAQ onto the website, but this really isn't the time of year to be planning new pages. Know what I mean! So here's the first question:

Which dip should I use to clean copper jewelry?

Whoa. Please don't ever dip your jewelry into any chemical. Some clean by stripping away the dirt, which also strips away bits of metal. And chemicals aren't good for stones of any kind, especially soft ones. And since you may not be aware of which are softest....stay away from it. Now- what you can do is this....put down your drink & swallow you coffee- I don't want anyone laughing & spewing their beverage onto the screen! Ketchup. Yup- you read that right- ketchup. Squirt a bit into your hands, rub it onto your piece (not on stones), rinse & buff with a soft cotton cloth. Voila- clean. Lemon juice works too but it's sticky. So there's your tip for today. ;-)

While I have your attention I would like to show you a beautiful treasury that I was honored to have a piece included:

This beauty was curated by TwoSilverMoons. Thanks so much for including an Azoho piece!

That's all for now....till next time!

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