Sunday, May 08, 2011

Random Thoughts

~My google calendar is sooo wrong- it says I have nothing scheduled today.  It doesn't know that I've got a big project of sorting & putting away my stuff from the shows this week.
~I need to find my charcoal block and my envelope punch.  Can't remember where I put either but have a feeling they're at least in the same room!
 ~My kitchen scissors seem to be broken.  "not me" did it!
~Doing a show actually inspires me to make more pieces.  Not ever sure why. 
~This piece sold yesterday.  She loved the "Simple Reminder".  Sweet. 
~My kitchen is a mess.
~I got handmade stuff for Mother's Day.  That means more to me than anything they could have bought & I think they know that.  ;-)
~That's a really crappy pic isn't it???!!!

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