Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Fresh Coat of Blog Paint

After years of the old template- it was time for a change on the blog. I really wanted 3 columns. it is. Not quite finished but I've looked at HTML & CSS until my eyes are crossed, so it's time to give it a rest. The new template, the 3rd column added~ that's the part that made me buggy~ without losing any significant data. I'm a happy girl & I'm off to bed. ;-)


Inspired Designs by Teresa said...

Hi Stacie, I love the new format. I keep thinking that I would like 3 columns too, but that idea is on hold for now! Teresa M.

Stacie said...

Thanks Teresa- it's been on my to do list for months, I finally got around to it. By blog was old & last year they rolled out a new format. I had to change to that one, so instead of all my stuff in my sidebar being HTML- now it's just widgits. Hard to get used to but I like the look better. I think the 3 columns is a better use of space for me. I did back up the whole thing before I started monkey-ing with it! Twice.