Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A great trend

I got gas today and it was only $3.89. I never thought I'd refer to that as "only", but just a couple of weeks ago I paid $4.18 so I think this is a great trend. And milk is really high too....$4.49. We need a cow.

On the jewelry side of life, here's a new pair of earrings. These tabs are etched with vintage text (from the late 1800's) and sterling ear wires were soldered onto the back then smoothed into shape. Added patina, tumbled and polished. Once I get a few more decent photos I'll add them to the shop. Hope you like them!


Canyon Fire Creations said...

I love your earrings!
Who would have thought we'd be thrilled with $3.89 a gallon gas?
Oh, and tag - you're it!

mygemstonebox said...

I agree...who would have thought $3.80 something would be something to get excited about!

I'll tell you what; those earrings are something to get excited over! I love them...very original!

Stacie said...

Thanks for the comps Ladies ;-)

Pffft....I know. But I figured that somewhere down the road I'll find these prices amusing so I thought I'd record it.

Yes, down is definitely a good trend.

A Beaded Affair said...

Well, now, if you buy the cow, she'll eat the grass and you won't have to pay $3.89 for the gas for the mower....Win..win?